SB 1297 To Allow Speed Camera Systems Passes In Malibu

June 20, 2024 ·

Photo courtesy of George Huffman via Unsplash.

MALIBU—On Tuesday, June 18, the city of Malibu announced that Senate Bill 1297 (SB 1297), which authorizes the use of speed camera systems in designated areas of Malibu successfully passed out of the Assembly Transportation Committee June 17. The legislation aims to enhance road safety and decrease speeding-related incidents in the community.

SB 1297, introduced by Senator Ben Allen, whose 24th District includes Malibu, received support from several Committee members, community and safety advocates, and law enforcement officials. The bill will now advance to the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee for further consideration.

“We are thrilled that SB 1297 has taken this significant step forward,” said Mayor Steve Uhring. “The implementation of speed camera systems is a crucial measure to protect our residents, pedestrians, and visitors from the dangers of speeding. This technology will serve as a deterrent, encourage responsible driving, and ultimately save lives.”

Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (whose 42nd District includes Malibu), co-author of SB 1297, joined Senator Allen at Monday’s hearing, and stated, “This legislation represents a critical step towards making our roads safer. I am proud to support SB 1297 and look forward to its continued progress through the Assembly.”

The proposed speed camera systems will be placed in five high-risk areas along Malibu’s 21-mile stretch, where speeding poses a serious threat to public safety. Data gathered from other communities and countries that have utilized similar measures show an average of 41 percent reduction in fatal or incapacitating injury crashes.

Bridget Thompson, a classmate of the Pepperdine students killed on PCH back in October 2023, testified in Sacramento in support of the bill. “This legislation is a necessary step towards ensuring that no other family or community has to endure the pain we have experienced. Speed cameras will make our roads safer for everyone,” said Thompson

Michel Shane, father of Emily Shane who was killed in 2010 on PCH testified, saying, “The passage of SB 1297 out of committee is a beacon of hope for those of us who have lost loved ones to reckless driving. It is a crucial step towards preventing future tragedies on our roads.”

“We thank the Assembly Transportation Committee for their support and recognition of the importance of this bill,” added Mayor Uhring. “We look forward to continuing our efforts to make Malibu a safer place for everyone.”

By Trevor

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