Larry Thompson, United States Congressional Candidate, Warns Of Civil War

April 17, 2024 ·

I predict we are one Presidential election away from a Civil War. Larry Thompson For Congress - Photo courtesy of

Biden Out, Newsom In; Republican Fear of Californication of America and Democrat Fear of Republican Dictatorship the Cause

LOS ANGELES—April 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In his March 29, 2024 Political Manifesto, Voting In The Age of Chaos, U.S. Congressional Candidate, Larry Thompson (R), predicts the Democrat elite will persuade President Joe Biden to gracefully step aside and allow their shadow candidate, Governor Gavin Newsom, to receive the Democratic Presidential Nomination.

“The 2024 Presidential Election will be the feared Democratic Californication of America versus the assumed Republican Dictatorship of former President, Donald J. Trump,” claims Thompson.

He defines this political scenario plus “sky-high food prices, gas prices, housing prices, escalating inflation, unemployment, higher taxes, border crisis, fentanyl, indoctrination of children, loss of parental rights, uncertain reproductive rights, rampant crime, the growing homeless, devaluation and government digital replacement of the U.S. dollar, plus a brazen Russia, brave Ukraine, threatening China, aggressive Iran, Anti-Semitism on the move, and sleep walking into a World War as THE AGE OF CHAOS.”

And in this Age of Chaos where “Republicans think Democrats are foolish and naïve and Democrats believe Republicans are evil and selfish,” Thompson predicts “we are one Presidential Election away from a Civil War.

“I predict we are one Presidential Election away from a Civil War.”

VOTING IN THE AGE OF CHAOS – 03-29-24 – Revised For Website (

“While some pundits are already suggesting we are in a cold Civil War now, my prediction,” Thompson adds, “goes way beyond that. I foresee an all-out breakdown in communication between the political parties with a call to action or blind eye to citizens taking the disagreements to the streets with a mob mentality.

“The losers of the election will start the war; the winners will ultimately end it, as they will control the military might of the United State Government. This civil war will not be North versus South. It will basically be Blue versus Red. Democrats versus Republicans.”

These are very strong and controversial words coming from a Congressional Candidate who is unanimously endorsed by the California Republican Party. Not to mention his additional endorsements from the Los Angeles County Republican Party, The Ventura County Republican Party, The American Independent Party, The California Young Republicans, The Los Angeles County Young Republicans, The California College Republicans, Brock Pierce, Chairman of The Bitcoin Foundation, and Perianne Boring, Founder and CEO of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

When asked how he plans to defeat his 14-term incumbent opponent, Brad Sherman (D), Thompson quips. “Oh, I will definitely beat “long time sleeping at the wheel, Sherman,” I’m just glad Taylor Swift isn’t running.

“Seriously, I am finally the right congressional candidate at the right historical time for California Congress CA 32. I ask Republicans, Democrats, and the Politically Homeless to Vote For Me.

“Pray that with Common Sense and Common Civility we all find Common Ground to solve our Common Issues AND AVOID A CIVIL WAR.”

For further information or to schedule an interview with Mr. Thompson, contact:

Robert G. Endara II

Larry Thompson For Congress

12021 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 614

Los Angeles, CA 90025

(310) 288-0700



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