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Three Pedestrians Struck By Driver In West Hollywood

May 10, 2023 ·

WEST HOLLYWOOD—The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is seeking information about a driver who struck three pedestrians in a crosswalk on Sunday, May 7. Three people were transported to the hospital, two sustaining minor injuries.

The incident occurred at 2:59 a.m. at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and North San Vicente Boulevard following an altercation between the driver and a man in the crosswalk.

Dashcam footage submitted to FOX 11 News by a witness, Anton Strubchevskyi, shows a man in the crosswalk hitting the rear windshield of the suspect’s vehicle. The driver circled back through oncoming traffic from the left turn lane before hitting the pedestrians. One person is seen still clinging to the hood of the car as the driver speeds off. The driver left the scene heading west on Santa Monica Boulevard before turning north onto Hillsdale Avenue.

In a special bulletin released by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the car is described as a silver Mini Cooper, having an unknown license plate, black bonnet stripes, and black wheels. The vehicle is also missing the front driver’s side quarter panel and has a damaged rear windshield. The suspect is facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

By Paige Strickland