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Justin Combs Faces 2 DUI Misdemeanor Charges

July 7, 2023 ·

BEVERLY HILLS—Justin Combs, 29, who is Sean “Diddy” Combs son, was arrested on Tuesday, July 4, in Beverly Hills and is facing charges of two misdemeanors in a DUI case.

At around 8 a.m., officials noticed Combs running a red light. Images of him were taken as he was speaking to the officer that stopped him. After interviewing Combs, the officer decided that there was enough probable cause to book him for allegedly driving under the influence. He was given a sobriety test and failed. Combs was released on a $5,000 bond on the same day at around 12:30 p.m.

Combs has a separate set of charges that were officially filed on June 27 which are driving under the influence and having a blood alcohol content higher that 0.08%.

He is facing up to six months in prison and could have his license suspended. DUI charges in California typically include six months in jail plus fines.

His pretrial hearing is scheduled for August 10.

Combs mother Misa Hylton, who a designer and Diddy’s ex-partner, took to social media after she discovered her son was arrested. On her Instagram story Hylton posted, “Act Bad???” referring to Diddy’s latest single. “I’m not protecting no one no more. Just my son. I’m not with none of that reality TV s***. When is enough enough?” she added.

She continued, “Act BAD. BAD boy. I used to want to be a BAD Girl chose to be a QUEEN. Tried and true. I’m not perfect but I am intentional. The statement ‘a fish rots from the head down’ means that, in addition to being a major contributing factor in a family or organization’s success, leadership is also the root cause of its failure and demise.”

“The truth shall set you free. I should have kept my child with me … Everybody can get it.”

“Sell something healthy that builds people up. I’m sick of it. NOT MINES. Everyone has to sit around for years and act like there isn’t anything wrong with you. This where the buck stops with me. If anything ever happened to my son, GOD FORBID. What is anyone going to say to me?”

“You want to do reality TV? Ok let’s be real then. Let’s lay it all out then starting from the top,” her post concluded. Hylton’s post has since been retracted.

Combs is the executive producer of “The Crew League” which is a televised celebrity basketball tournament and “Respectfully Justin” a reality series with Justin Laboy. Before he started his career in entertainment be played football for UCLA. As a kid Combs admired NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

In June 2015, Justin’s father, Diddy, was arrested and charged with felony assault for throwing a kettlebell at UCLA assistant football coach, Sal Alosi, over allegedly disrespecting Justin and throwing him out of practice.

By Christianne