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City To Offer Free Emergency Response Training Course

July 27, 2023 ·

MALIBU—The City announced the return of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training free of charge via in-person classes from August 17 through September 26. The program offers training in basic first aid, search and rescue, disaster preparedness, disaster psychology, and more.

“Following a major disaster, professional first responders who provide fire and medical services may not be able to fully meet the demand for services,” the city’s webpage for CERT reads. 

“Factors such as communications failures, road blockages, and the number of victims, may prevent people from accessing the emergency services they have come to expect at a moment’s notice when 911 is called.” 

The objective of CERT is to expand “community-wide preparedness,” offering the public knowledge of how to safely respond during a natural disaster or accident until officials can arrive.

The CERT program was developed in 1985 by the Los Angeles City Fire Department. It has since been adopted and enhanced by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Fire Academy. The course is now recognized nationwide, and over 50,000 citizens have been trained to date. 

From August 27 through September 26, CERT classes will be held at Malibu City Hall, Tuesday evenings from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. with the exception of the first (August 17) and second to last (September 21) classes which will be held on Thursdays. Only one class can be missed in order to receive the certification.

The structure of the classes is broken down into several modules:

Disaster Preparedness

Team Organization

Medical Class #1

Medical Class #2

Disaster Psychology

Fire Safety and Utility Controls

Light Search and Rescue Operations

Terrorism and CERT

Course Review and Disaster Simulation Drill

To learn more and sign up for the CERT program, visit www.malibucity.org/226/CERT.

By Paige Strickland

Malibu Temporary Skate Park Opening Hours

April 12, 2023 ·

MALIBU—On April 11, the city of Malibu tweeted the opening hours for the Temporary Skate Park.

“The Malibu Temporary Skate Park hours are 8 AM to Sunset, Monday through Saturday. It will be open from 11:30 AM to sunset on Sundays to accommodate our Intro to Skateboarding class! For more information, visit http://MalibuCity.org/SkatePark.”

The Temporary Skate Park is located at 24250 Pacific Coast Hwy.

Users are required to bring their own helmet and must wear it at all times while inside the Skate Park. Users must review and adhere to the Skate Park rules.

Coaching programs and a complimentary Girls Skate Clinic class are taking place at the skate park throughout the spring. Information can be found at Skate Park | Malibu, CA – Official Website.

The city of Malibu submitted a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) on January 3 to the Community Services Department regarding the proposed Malibu Bluffs Park Permanent Skatepark.

The City Planning Department and city agencies are examining the proposed plans. After the project is deemed complete and consistent with the City’s Local Coastal Program, a Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing for the CDP application. The city of Malibu expects the Planning Commission hearing to take place in the
summer of 2023.
By Rob