Malibu Adds Queue Management System City Hall

February 22, 2024 ·

MALIBU—On February 13, the city of Malibu announced efforts to streamline and improve customer service at Malibu City Hall by launching a new customer service queue system for services at public counters.

According to a news release, the new queue management system, “QLess,” was launched in Malibu City Hall in mid-January. It allows customers to sign in on a touchscreen pad, and overhead monitors display their place in line, approximate wait times, when a staff member is available to assist them, and the counter where they will be helped. The system will be able to provide real-time performance statistics.

“The City is constantly working to find ways to improve customer service, efficiency and transparency at City Hall to better serve the community,” said Mayor Steve Uhring. “We understand that time is money for residents who are building, rebuilding, constructing, renovating, or repairing their homes and we want to help them get their projects completed quickly and smoothly.”

The new system builds on Malibu’s efforts to improve customer service at City Hall starting in 2022, including several new modifications to the Planning Department’s project application process to improve services for homeowners and building professionals. Most project submittals with related plans and documents are now available online through a new portal at

Applicants may now submit minor planning applications during Public Counter hours and pay fees at the same time, and created a new step-by-step Planning Submittal Guide, available at:

The Planning Department can provide application submittal requirements and fees on behalf of other City Departments, speeding up the process for applicants and decreasing their number of visits to City Hall.

The Planning Department, Environmental Sustainability Department and Public Works Department now have adopted standard submittal requirements and fees for various types of applications.

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