City To Start Proactive Multifamily Property Inspection Pilot Program

January 25, 2024 ·

WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Wednesday, January 24, the city of West Hollywood indicated in a news release that the city’s Neighborhood and Business Safety (NBS) Division Code Enforcement team will start conducting proactive and systematic inspections of multifamily properties in the region beginning February 2024.

According to the city’s website, the NBS works to maintain neighborhood livability by being responsive to complaints and concerns received from the community. They are responsible for enforcing all provisions of the city’s laws and ordinances, as governed by the West Hollywood Municipal Code and it actively addresses community concerns about a variety of regulated issues.

The inspections will include low-income housing and inclusionary units within multifamily properties. Two Code Enforcement Officers will be assigned to this proactive pilot program and will perform outreach to property owners and tenants before inspections are completed. The pilot program will start on the eastside of the city and gradually move west across the community.

The goal of the pilot program is to inspect multifamily properties once every three years to ensure city rental housing properties are being maintained in compliance with West Hollywood Municipal Code standards. A multifamily property in West Hollywood is considered a building with three or more units.

Inspections will be initially focused on exterior property conditions (e.g., landscape, carports/parking areas, paint, fences/gates, roof, doors, etc.) and common areas of multifamily properties, such as hallways, courtyards, staircases, elevators, recreation rooms, etc. Code Enforcement Officers assigned to the proactive multifamily inspection pilot program will also be checking for any potential vacation (short-term) rental activity being advertised at a property they are currently inspecting. Vacation (short-term) rental concerns that are reported to the City’s NBS Division outside of the proactive multifamily inspection pilot program will continue to be responded to promptly.

Code Enforcement Officers will be posting flyers in the mailrooms and common areas of multifamily properties, informing tenants of the ability to voluntarily schedule inspections within the interior of their own units. Interior inspections of tenant units will only occur as part of this proactive pilot program if a tenant schedules an inspection directly with the Code Enforcement team assigned to multifamily inspections. Interior inspections of tenant units that are performed when a tenant reports an issue in their unit to the City’s NBS Division outside of the proactive multifamily inspection pilot program will continue to be responded to normally.

If a tenant voluntarily schedules an interior inspection of their unit as part of this proactive pilot program, assigned Code Enforcement Officers will check for habitability concerns such as plumbing leaks, lack of heat, lack of hot water, deteriorated electrical outlets, and missing or inoperable smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Code Enforcement Officers assigned to the proactive pilot program will be checking multifamily properties with five or more units or with 16 or more units for various requirements in compliance with the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO). The required RSO notices provide tenants with emergency numbers to contact, information about protections related to eviction, harassment, and rent limits, and business hours for onsite managers.

Tenants interested in getting their units inspected from the proactive multifamily inspection team, when the team is conducting inspections at their property as part of the pilot program can contact West Hollywood’s Neighborhood and Business Safety (NBS) Division at (323) 450-7115 or at The NBS proactive multifamily inspection team will operate Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. excluding holidays.

For details about the city’s proactive multifamily inspection pilot program contact Eugene Alper, West Hollywood’s Code Enforcement Supervisor at (323) 848-6432 or at For people who are Deaf or hard of hearing call TTY (323) 848-6496.

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