Never-Ending-Party Comes To An End In Hollywood Crest

January 23, 2024 ·

BEVERLY HILLS—Squatters have been having drunken, lewd parties at some of the vacant mansions out in the Hollywood Crest neighborhood just a couple houses away from the Lebron James estate. Distressed neighbors had reportedly begun reporting the nuisance October 2023. In a January 19 Daily Mail exclusive some details were revealed on who was present at these parties.

Police arriving at the scene of these massive parties indicated that they were there with permission from the landowners, tenants in fact. The tale went on to include that the price of the never-ending party was $25,000. The landowners denied any such agreement.

It was already at least three months of perturbed neighbors disgusted with the number of drugs, trash, alcohol, noise and people before the extent of the disturbances came to light.

Morgan Garguilo, 34, was reportedly convicted of an assault and battery charge for beating his wife. Reports indicate that Garguilo was granted probation on December 29, 2023, for the assault charge.

It is not clear if this happened at one of the mansions the partygoers were squatting at or if it was in another location. No information was readily available regarding this case on the LASD website or the inmate locator, which could indicate either that the files were sealed or that Garguilo was never booked into jail.

There was a legal report that Garguilo along with Ruben “Avi” Avinadav, 30, have permanent restraining orders against them from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for their involvement in a student loan fraud scheme.

The Daily Mail indicated that Avi may have been one of the party planners in the group. Veronica Michelle Monger and Martin Gerardo Vincent, 47, were also involved.

Some of the other homeowners that live in the vicinity of the squatters’ parties include “The Family Guy” creator, Seth McFarlane, Producer, Steve Levins, Jeff Bezos, Steve Wynn, Ron Burkle, John Legend, and his wife, Chrissy Teigen.

By Sharon

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