Weekly Crime Report For LASD West Hollywood Station

January 10, 2024 ·

WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Tuesday, January 9, West Hollywood Station of Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) released their weekly crime report for January 1 through January 7.  Property crimes are on the rise in WEHO.

January 1 began with an aggravated assault with a gun that occurred in the 1000 block of Orlando Avenue. Police were called after a traffic collision resulted in an argument that turned violent. One man shot the other. The bullet grazed the head of the victim.

On January 1 there was a theft of property in the 9000 block of Cynthia Street. An unknown suspect gained entry to a secure parking garage and robbed a storage locker of two electric drills and four pairs of shoes.

Police were called to an armed robbery that occurred in the 8600 block of Santa Monica Blvd. A man was approached at an ATM by an armed man who held a gun to the victim demanding cash from the ATM. The victim gave the suspect the cash.

Between the hours of 7:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve and 3:00 a.m. on New Year’s Day, a backpack was stolen from the trunk of a car. Reports indicate that the trunk may not have been locked. There was no sign of forced entry. Credit cards were stolen out of the backpack and used to make fraudulent purchases.

On January 2, there was an attempted burglary in the 8600 block of Melrose Avenue. Reports indicate that the suspect tried to access the residence by prying the door open with a crowbar. The suspect did not gain entry.

A package delivered to an apartment in the 1000 of Palm Avenue sometime between January 2 and January 4 was reported stolen. The package contained a laptop computer. It was stolen from the hallway of an apartment complex where delivery personnel left it as a door-drop delivery.

On January 3, at 1:30 p.m. a man entered the Macy’s Store in the 7100 block of Santa Monica Blvd. The suspect took skin care products and perfumes. Police reported that the suspect left without payment and that this was considered a grand theft due to the dollar amount of items stolen.

Also on January 3, another package was stolen from an apartment complex. The suspect reportedly pried a locked door open and stole the package.

On January 4, at 1:35 a.m., a residential burglary occurred in the 800 block of Hilldale Avenue. An unknown suspect walked into the door of the home. The suspect left without further incident when he heard the homeowner.

On January 4, there was a vehicle theft in the 8900 block of Rosewood Avenue. The suspect reportedly broke the window of a vehicle parked alongside the street on Rosewood Avenue. Camera equipment and some clothing were stolen from the car.

No crimes were reported for January 5.

On January 6, police responded to a call of an assault after a man who was intoxicated was denied entry at the club in the 8900 block of Santa Monica Boulevard. The suspect bit two of the employees denying him entry. The suspect fled the scene. Responding officers were able to locate the suspect and arrest him.

Two strong-arm robberies occurred on January 6. The first occurred in the vicinity of Melrose Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. A woman was walking alone on Santa Vincente Boulevard when a male perpetrator grabbed her from behind trying to take her fanny pack. The suspect drug her on the ground and took her fanny pack and another small satchel/purse. He fled the scene in a black sedan.

In the second case, two women were walking in the area of Westmount Drive and West Knoll when a man exited the passenger side of the vehicle and chased after the women. He tried to get the phone from the first individual and failed but was able to get the second woman’s phone from her.

On January 7, when a woman was reported chasing a man with a knife in the 100 block of Genesee Avenue. The woman was attempting to stab the man whom she reportedly knew. She could be heard saying that he, “cheated on her.” Police arrested the woman for aggravated assault.

On January 7, a suspect had her cell phone stolen from her front pocket on the dance floor at a club. 

On January 7, a woman had her phone stolen from her purse in the 600 block of Robertson Boulevard.

On January 7, a third victim had her cell phone stolen from her purse at the club.

According to a website called Neighborhood Scout, the crime rate for violent crimes in West Hollywood is 5.67 percent. The chances of being a victim of a violent crime in WEHO is 1 in 176 chances.

Neighborhood Scout reports a 36.61 percent crime rate for property crimes. The chances of becoming a victim of a property crime in WEHO is 1 in 27.

By Sharon

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