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Concrete Repair Roadwork In West Hollywood

May 14, 2024 ·

The city of West Hollywood will be doing concrete roadwork beginning May 13. Photo by Valentin Salja via Unsplash.

WEST HOLLYWOOD—On Monday, May 13, the city of West Hollywood noted on its website that the city’s asphalt and concrete repair contractor will begin to grind and overlay depressed and damaged areas within the roadway at various locations.

The work will take place each day beginning at 8 a.m. and could continue until 4 p.m. They will maintain at least one lane of traffic through work areas at all times. Work is expected to last until Friday, May 17.

Roadway Grinding and Overlay – Various locations include:

-Harper Avenue
-Crescent Heights
-Kings Road
-La Jolla
-1034 La Jolla
-1206 Clark
-Fuller Avenue
-Melrose Avenue Temporary Parkway Paving Installation

By Trevor