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Planters Removed From Sidewalks That Prevented Homeless Encampments

June 25, 2024 ·

Planters which were placed outside of business to prevent homeless encampments have been removed by the city officials of Los Angeles.

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On Monday, June 24, the city of Los Angeles removed planters that were placed on the sidewalks by business owners to halt homeless encampments in the region of Highland and Sunset Boulevard.

Homeless encampments have been blocking sidewalks throughout Los Angeles for a period of time impacting businesses in the region with trash and decrement that has impacted foot traffic to businesses in the region.

The planters were placed outside of businesses in May 2024 to halt the blockage of sidewalks and paths to businesses for the past 2 years. According to reports, the planters have helped deter crime in the region.

Last week the city of Los Angeles placed notices noting the planters were obstructions and had to be removed or the city would remove them, as the business owners who installed them did not have permits to do so.

Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martínez said in a statement to NBC 4 Los Angeles:

“We understand the frustration that local businesses feel about this issue, and we encourage residents to follow the legal process and work with the city to obtain the proper permits to install community beautification projects in the public right of way.”

Sunset Sound Recorders, a business on Sunset Boulevard was surrounded by homeless encampments in earlier February 2024, which impacted business for its high-profile clients who were concerned about safety. In early June 2024, a homeless encampment outside of the business was cleared by city officials.

The removal was part of the Mayor of Los Angeles Inside Safe program which is aimed at housing the homeless in the area. The program has helped move 21,000 Los Angelenos off the streets since December 2022. The program has spent over $341 million as of May 31, 2024. A total of $105 million has been spent by the program to house individuals in motels.

Only 539 individuals are currently in housing, with 305 in limited subsidized housing, 68 in permanent supportive housing. A total of 1265 individuals have housing courtesy of motels that have bene paid for by the program. A total of 842 people have exited the program, with 735 individuals returning to homelessness, 50 being incarcerated and 44 dying.

The Los Angeles Homelessness Service Authority reported more than 75,000 people living in homelessness in 2023 in the region. The number of homeless individuals in LA rose 14 percent from 2022 to 2023.

By Trevor