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Phase 1 Of Malibu Community Lands Complete

July 1, 2024 ·

Photo courtesy of the city of Malibu Facebook page.

MALIBU—On Friday, June 28, the city of Malibu posted on their Facebook page that Phase 1 of the Malibu Community Lands project has been completed.

From now until mid-August, the city of Malibu will review all the feedback they have collected so far.

Starting in mid-August, they will return with Phase 2 of the project, where the city will use the input received from Phase 1 to refine questions for the community to aid in the decision-making process.

To review the presentations and community feedback from Phase 1 visit: //MalibuCommunityLands.org/2024-Community-Meeting-Series. The public can view the Malibu Community Lands recap video at: www.//Youtube.com/watch?v=6zlfdJt5kTM.

For more details and to share thoughts visit: www.MalibuCommunityLands.org.

By Trevor