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LACPH Reports Possible Hepatitis Exposure

May 21, 2024 ·

Seafood Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado

BEVERLY HILLS—On Monday, May 17, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) issued a press release warning the public of a report of Hepatitis A that LACDPH is investigating.  An employee of Whole Foods Market located at 239 N. Crescent Drive in Beverly Hills in the seafood section, has reportedly tested positive for the virus.

The following information came directly from the press release:

“Based on the employee’s job duties and symptoms while at work, Public Health is recommending that anyone who purchased products from the seafood counter section of the store between April 20 and May 13 receive hepatitis A vaccine if they are not already immune. People who have not received the hepatitis A vaccine or had a previous hepatitis A infection may not be protected from the virus.

Receiving vaccination as soon as possible after exposure could help reduce the risk of developing hepatitis A infection. Residents should contact their local pharmacy or medical provider for the vaccine. Public Health is working with the company to ensure employees that are not immune are referred for vaccination.”

The Cleveland Clinic posted the following information about receiving a vaccine after exposure to the Hepatitis A virus:

“The Hepatitis A vaccine can prevent Hepatitis A infection if administered within two weeks of exposure. A single dose of the vaccine may be enough to prevent infection, but it usually takes two to three doses to be fully vaccinated. Healthcare providers may also recommend an injection of immune globulin (IG) in some cases.”

For those who cannot receive the PEP vaccine recommended in the allotted time frame, a visit to a healthcare professional is still recommended.

The CDC estimates that the Hepatitis treatment could be effective up to seven days following exposure. 

By Sharon