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BHPD Members Earn Doctoral Degree From University Of La Verne

June 4, 2024 ·

Photo courtesy of the Beverly Hills Police Department.

BEVERLY HILLS—The Beverly Hills Police Department announced on May 30 that two esteemed members, Lieutenant Jesse Perez and Captain Giovanni Trejo graduated from the University of La Verne with a doctorate in Organizational Leadership. Lieutenant Jesse Perez’s Achievement has earned his Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, advancing his field in law enforcement. He has 21 years of experience; Lieutenant Perez is a Patrol Lieutenant.

Watch Commander and SWAT/CNT Commander, his doctoral research, titled “Law Enforcement and Advanced Drone Technology: A Comprehensive Inside Look at the Use and Implementation of Law Enforcement Drone Technology and Its Effect on Officer Safety, Police Culture, and Public Perception,” delves into the transformative potential of drone technology in modern policing.

Lieutenant Perez’s research provides invaluable insights as law enforcement faces challenges such as losing confidence in government institutions, recruitment and retention issues, community trust, legal changes, and technological advancements. He emphasizes technology when used legally, ethically, and morally, can be a significant ‘force multiplier’ in 21st-century policing. He advocates for the responsible use of drone technology to enhance officer safety, gather intelligence, reconstruct crime scenes, search for missing persons, and support SWAT operations.

“Lieutenant Perez’s vision includes integrating drone technology in partnership with the community to promote transparency, accountability, and legitimacy in law enforcement. His work highlights the importance of using technology as a tool to assist law enforcement, not as a replacement for police personnel,” the BHPD stated on its Facebook page.

Captain Giovanni Trejo’s Achievement

Captain Giovanni Trejo graduated with a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership, furthering his commitment to enhancing law enforcement practices through innovative leadership. His dissertation, “Organizational Change in Law Enforcement: Exploring the Use of Change Management Practices of Police Executives Adopting Less Traditional Patrol Procedures,” underscores his dedication to professional development.

Captain Trejo’s academic journey started in 2020 during the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reflecting on his experience, Captain Trejo shared, “This program tested my patience and determination. We were known as the pandemic class. We started in 2020 by attending classes virtually and spending weekend sessions in Zoom. Thoughts of quitting often traveled through my mind, and I’m sure my classmates did as well. But I am not one to start something and not complete it. Two things that helped me get through the program were my love and appreciation for law enforcement. Our communities deserve the best. Anything below the mark of excellence is simply a disservice to them. That mark of excellence was my target when I embarked on this venture. Commitment to public service propelled me and got me to where I am today.”

Chief Mark G. Stainbrook praised Captain Trejo’s accomplishment: “Captain Trejo’s dedication to professional development and his innovative approach to law enforcement leadership are commendable. His achievement is a testament to his unwavering commitment to serving our community with excellence.”

“The Beverly Hills Police Department congratulates Lieutenant Jesse Perez and Captain Giovanni Trejo on their outstanding achievements. Their academic and professional accomplishments inspire the entire Department and the community they serve. The Department looks forward to the continued impact of their contributions on law enforcement practices and the broader community,” the BHPD said in a statement on Facebook.

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