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BHPD Officer Guzman Honored At High Sierra Motorcycle Competition

June 18, 2024 ·

Photo courtesy of Gijs Coolen via Unsplash.

BEVERLY HILLS—On Friday, June 14, the Beverly Hills Police Department indicated in a news release that Motor Officer Guzman was awarded at the High Sierra Motorcycle Competition held in Reno, Nevada, from June 6 to June 8. The competition, which drew 36 of the finest police riders from Nevada, California, and Canada, showcased Officer Guzman’s exceptional riding skills and dedication.

Competing in the highly competitive BMW Metric Division A-Class, Officer Guzman secured a third place, demonstrating his abilities and commitment to excellence. In a remarkable display of teamwork and precision, Officer Guzman, alongside San Joaquin Sheriff’s Deputy Cody Grant, clinched first place in the Two-Man Tethered Ride.

California motor officers swept the BMW Metric Division A-Class, claiming the top three positions. Officer Guzman was the “only motor officer representing Southern California, making his achievements even more commendable,” the BHPD stated.

“The Beverly Hills Police Department congratulates Motor Officer Guzman on his remarkable success and looks forward to his continued contributions to the Department and the community,” the BHPD added.

By Trevor